Terry Krieg

Terry Krieg – Robots and Substations in the Power
System of the Future

Terry Krieg,
Chairman of CIGRE Study Committee B3,


High voltage substations are the nodes of our transmission and distribution networks and play an essential role in the reliable operation of the power system. While the need for ever more reliable power supply to

consumers has remained constant, substations and the equipment making up these substations have undergone significant change over the years with rapid expansion of networks in some countries. These changes have challenged the way we manage substations.

The introduction of more reliable equipment and alternative insulating mediums has reduced substation size and environmental footprint, reduced operating and maintenance requirements and improved overall reliability. New risks have emerged in many un-manned remote substations requiring new approaches to condition monitoring, control, protection and communication, challenging traditional skill sets and increasing the importance of situational awareness to identify emerging operation, maintenance or security risks. The industry can no longer support operations and maintenance teams permanently on site and many substations are visited infrequently leading to the need for more comprehensive remote control and monitoring including robotic inspection and maintenance techniques. There are also safety, efficiency and consistency drivers for the introduction of more extensive robotics in substations.

Robotics technology has seen significant development in recent years and is now able to support or replace human activity in many substation tasks and as an industry we should ensure that we exploit this technology to maximise benefits. This address will provide an overview of the work of Study Committee B3 in meeting industry needs in substation development and will include discussion of global challenges and trends in substation management that have lead to the interest in robotics. Drivers leading to the use of robotics and the applications that this technology may support will be discussed together with the needs from an industry perspective to support the substations of the future.


Terry Krieg was appointed Chairman of the CIGRE Substation Study Committee B3 (Substations) in 2012. He is a power electrical engineer with over 40 years power industry experience and provides consulting services to the power industry via his own company Power Network Consulting, and with several affiliated organisations.

He has held both technical and senior management positions at a number of Australian power utilities where he led the introduction of innovative approaches to substation design standardisation, on line condition monitoring, asset management and risk management. He has held technical roles including major substation design, test and commissioning, condition monitoring, high voltage and diagnostic testing of high voltage network plant. An Honours (First Class) graduate of the University of South Australia (Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical), post-graduate qualifications in advanced management techniques, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia (FIEAust) and a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ). He is an endorsed assessor for the asset management specification, BSi PAS-55:2008 and provides support for organisations to address the requirements of ISO 55000 around the globe. Terry is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He has presented more than 40 engineering and management papers and keynote addresses on aspects of substations, strategic asset management and the management of power networks to a number of international industry conferences and events.


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