Rong Li

Rong Li - Electric Power Robotics Research
and Application

Rong Li,
State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company


At present, electric power robots have been widely applied in the areas of power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution. State Gird Shandong Electric Power Company has been devoted to research on electric power robotics for more than 10 years.This speech will present

our research achievements on electric power robotics, including substation inspection robot, UAV inspection system, transmission line maintenance robot, tunnel inspection robot, EV battery replacement robot, etc. Finally, I would put forward a proposal on electric power robotics standardization.


Mr. Li Rong received his master degree from Hunan University. He is the chief engineer of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company. His research areas mainly include power grid management, electrical automation, electric power communication and information. He has published more than 30 papers. He has led many research projects, such as electric power robotics standardization, the practical technology and detection system research of substation inspection robotics, distributed power generation and micro-grid access control, the 4G wireless broadband technology used in power grid, the test and detection technology research of offshore wind turbine, the distribution communication system based on wireless self-organizing technology.


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