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Jinan in October

Spouting Spring You will love Jinan, the city of springs, the capital of Shandong Province. We wish you can have a great time here. Jinan is a modern city that is giving off ancient atmosphere. There are a lot of old houses and streets, and Qushuiting Street is one of the typical ancient streets. Taking a nice walk in this street, you can find the classical beauty of the East and the tranquility in your deep heart. In addition, the Thousand Buddha Mountain, Baotu Spring and Daming Lake are the most famous scenic spots, and we believe that you will be enchanted by them. The developed public transport system in Jinan will offer you a convenient way to travel here.

Shandong Province, your more options

Kong Family Mansion

Confucius, founder of Confucian culture,
the famous great thinker, educator, politician
of China.
Temple of Confucius Shandong province, with a good reputation of “The hometown of Confucius and Mencius and The State of Ceremonies”, has a long history and splendid culture. You can catch a glimpse of the history and culture in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province. Besides, the Kong Family Mansion in Jining City is a typical noble house for ancient Chinese nobility. It enjoys a good reputation as “The First House under Heaven”.

Mount Tai

Mount Tai Speaking of Shandong, we have to talk about Mount Tai. Mountain Tai known as “The First of China’s Five Mountains”, is located in the middle of Taian City. Since ancient time, Chinese people have worshiped Mount Tai. They believed that “Mount Tai is a universal security”. It means that Mount Tai can bless the country is prosperous and the people are at peace. Take a tour on Mount Tai, you will feel the tremendous momentous of Mount Tai, just like the ancient Chinese great poet Dufu described in his poet, “When shall I reach the top and hold, All mountains in a single glance”.

Qingdao International Beer Festival

Opening Ceremony of 16th Qingdao International Beer Festival Qingdao International Beer Festival is the largest beer festival of Asia, which began in 1991.It starts the second weekend of August every year and lasts 16 days. It is the climax of Qingdao summer tourism. In addition to drinking beer and eating seafood, these classic project, beer festival also organized a series of Chinese culture show and fun drinking game. Qingdao International Beer Festival is located in Qingdao beer carnival theme park of Mount Lao district, acceptance of millions of people visitors from all over the world every year. Facilities including a roller coaster, pirate ship and a series of activities facilities, there are beer greenhouses for people to taste the beer from all over the world. Visitors can take part in all kinds of entertainment projects around beer. There are lots of professional and amateur singers and various types of beer games, such as the bottle blowing race, a minute speed drinking game, men and women drinking together game, etc. Because of getting media attention in recent years, the drinking contest on TV has started.

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Jinan International Airport: +86-531-96888
Taxi Service: +86-531-96576

Getting around Jinan

BRT, Bus Rapid Transit, is the typical transport mode in Jinan. It is an ideal and economical way to reach many of Jinan's attractions. You can also connect to the common bus system spending only RMB1 or RMB2. The dress code during the conference is casual.


The Quancheng Road will be your perfect choice for shopping in Jinan. Along with Quancheng Road, you will find many shopping plazas there. PARC 66, WANDA Plaza and Shimao International Plaza are the main shopping plazas, with major department stores and countless boutiques and jewelers. You can also find upscale art works in Shandong Museum, Shandong Art Museum and Shandong Oil Painting Gallery.


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